Can AI Save Your Real Estate Marketing Woes? Find Out at Collision 2024 with SellStatic!


Collision is one of the largest tech conferences, bringing together people and corporations in hopes of redefining the global tech industry. It is regarded as the most significant tech and deal making event in the world. An idea that debuted in 2014 with 5,000 guests in Las Vegas has now found a home in the booming city of Toronto - Canada's largest city - where attendance has risen to over 40,000 people. This year will be no different from previous years as collision continues to serve as a forum for greater equity for company founders. With the event set to take place from June 17th to June 20th at Enercare Centre Toronto here are the top 3 reasons why you should come out to see SellStatic.

From Crypto Bros to AI Pro: Revolutionising Real Estate Marketing in the Digital Age

Changes in the events themes and trends in 2023 shone a brighter light to AIs increasing rise taking focus away from the dominance of “crypto bros”.  SellStatic AI makes use of cutting edge AI to track high potential leads, make enriched judgements, and automate marketing. We help analyse real time market data to provide insights on property valuations, market trends, and consumer behaviour. With the adoption of AI growing quickly, you wouldn't want to fall behind. The SellStatic booth will present an unconventional perspective on real estate marketing in a world where artificial intelligence is becoming more and more prevalent. It will offer crucial insights that help real estate companies make well-informed decisions about pricing and selling tactics, as well as optimise their lists and maximise profits.

Click, Create, Conquer: Simplifying Real Estate Marketing with SellStatic AI

In the real estate industry, why sweat over tedious tasks like marketing when artificial intelligence can handle it with a few clicks? An inventive way to reduce the time, money and resources you might be spending on marketing initiatives is with SellStatic AI. You may make an advertisement using our customizable template in three easy clicks (literally).

Click #1: Create an ad using our customizable template.

Click #2: Describe your ad and target audience.

Click #3: Add images and a call to action for your ad.

Through our  cutting edge tools, you will be able to operate more effectively and maintain your advantage in the cutthroat market.

Unlocking Innovation: Navigating AI Marketing's Future at Collision with SellStatic

If you plan to attend the Collision conference, you undoubtedly value creative thinking, are aware of the desirability of data, and intend to work with the tech community to develop solutions that are focused on the needs of the consumer. At Sellstatic, we lead the way in real estate technology advancements, creating products that promote development and elevation. We are steadfast in our dedication to provide our users with simple-to-use tools that make real estate transactions less complicated. In addition, we think that working together may create a community where ideas can grow and success can be attained as a whole. Our approach is centred around data, and by providing real estate professionals with actionable insights, we enable them to make well-informed decisions.

The tech sector can be assured of a platform for advancement and the ability to bring about positive change globally through collision. The dominating  AI industry illustrates the appeal and usefulness of AI and the extent of its unexplored potential. Sellstatic will be present at Collision 2024 to discuss our ideas and values and to establish how our use of AI marketing has increased sales in the real estate industry. SellStatic will see you there!

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